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MICHAELA RAND is a Resident doctor based out of SAN DIEGO, United States

A resident, in various contexts, refers to an individual who resides or lives in a particular place. In the medical field, a resident typically refers to a physician undergoing postgraduate training in a specialized area of medicine. Medical residency is a critical phase of a physician's education, providing hands-on experience and further specialization after completing medical school.

During residency, physicians, known as residents, work closely with experienced attending physicians to gain practical skills, deepen medical knowledge, and develop expertise in their chosen specialty. This intense and immersive training period allows residents to actively participate in patient care, surgeries, and various medical procedures under supervision.

Residency programs vary in duration depending on the medical specialty, typically lasting from three to seven years. Residents progress through various levels of responsibility and autonomy as they gain experience and proficiency in their chosen field.

The term "resident" is also commonly used to describe individuals living in a specific community, such as residents of a neighborhood or residents of a particular city. In this context, it refers to those who dwell or have established their homes in a specific geographic area.

Whether in the medical or community setting, the term "resident" emphasizes the connection between individuals and the places they inhabit, capturing the essence of both professional development and community belonging.

MICHAELA RAND is active on Hidoc Dr. platform since Jun 2023

   SAN DIEGO,United States.
Active since 1+ Yrs

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